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  1. Cheryl says

    I didn’t know of Alton Towers or where it was. I wasn’t sure of the location from the intro of your post, but looks like it’s in the UK so I’ll have to go next time I get there. I really need to ride on the Wicker Man themed rollercoaster!

  2. charlotterick says

    So jealous you live so close! I love Alton Towers – I went for the first time early last summer and we ended up getting a voucher to come back, as we only got to go on a few rides all day as they kept breaking down/closing and the wait times were ridiculous. When we went back I managed to ride the Wickerman, Galactica and Rita (as we’d missed those the first time) and then the ones we did before – the first ride I ever went on was Oblivion which deffo threw me in at the deep end! I loved them all, though was so scared I was gonna fall out on Galactica (the seats are the only thing that ever scare me!).

    Shame it was raining for you though – both times we went we had really good weather!

    Char ✈ charlotterick.com x

  3. Hannah Read says

    I’ve never actually been to Alton Towers, but I have been to Thorpe Park which I really enjoyed. Love the look of the Wicker Man! Do you know if Alton Towers do queue jump passes? After getting those at Thorpe Park I’ve just decided to get those each time I go to a theme park now – makes the experience much better if it ends up being crowded!

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