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  1. Lucy says

    I love how you said to take a moment to celebrate all the things you’ve achieved, that is something I need to do more often! As a anxiety sufferer myself, I know how incredibly terrifying it can be when you feel so low that you can’t get out of bed in the morning, I’m always here if you need a chat beaut, loves ya! xx

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. thewildflowerhippienl says

    Great post! I’ve been struggling with anxiety for 4 years now. But I am happy it gets better. I only feel anxious when I really tired or when I am overthinking too much.

    But I love your tips. Going for a walk is definitely something that is working for me. And another thing that is working for me is to write every single thought down and take a few deep breaths in.


    • Lukeheywoodstyle says

      Thank you.
      Yes going for walks just completely clears your head space!
      Yes writing things down is also really good. What I normally do is write down all the things that are making me anxious then I rip them up.
      It feels so good to do so!

  3. Rebecca says

    I love this, so honest and raw! I also suffer from anxiety and have been on medication for over 5 years I think. It changed my life and I feel like I can live a fulfilling life with it. I know I’m a stranger but if you ever need to chat to someone who will understand I’m more than happy!

  4. Shannon Louise Moore says

    What a stunning blog you have Luke. I’ll certainly be returning and following your blogging journey. You seem like a gorgeous person both inside and out. I’ve had anxiety and depression for 10 years now and am still fighting my way through it and this helped a lot. It’s all stuff I say to other people but when it’s someone else saying it to you it’s easier to take. The part where you address the issue around men’s mental health is so true and absolutely needs to be spread around like butter on a piece of bread, men shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it and we all need to spread the awareness that men struggle too!!!!


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