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  1. […] Since moving out last year, then having to move back home and seeing my best friend buy her own house, the dream for me to get my own place has become something I really want. Going into a new year it’s something I want to happen sooner than later. Turning the wonderful age of 28 this year I want to have my own place by the end of the year. I’ve been saving frantically and saving any money I make from blog collaborations and anything left over from my paycheck every month. The dream to have my own place is becoming more and more of a need than a want. I want somewhere to call my home. Somewhere to decorate the way I want it. My own space to entertain and be able to do my photoshoots for my blog and instagram without having a family member around to make comments. 2020 I’m hoping the dream will become a reality. […]

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