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  1. Midlifetwisted says

    I left home at 16 the first time and loved it. However, when I was in my late thirties my marriage broke down and I ended up living with my older brother and his family and then moving into my own place. If you’re used to being surrounded by people, it’s going to take a little bit of adjustment time for you, so give yourself some slack. I felt exactly the same at 37 moving into a house on my own as you’re now and it’s completely natural even when you’re a proper (certified) grown up to feel that way. 🙂 You’re going to be fine, I promise x Now stick that onesie on. Hugs x

    • Lukeheywoodstyle says

      Awhh, thank you for the lovely comment ♥
      It’s just so hard when you’re used to it, plus when I get down and my anxiety comes over strong it’s so hard to get myself out of it. When I’m on my own I just overthink.

      Trust me the oneise comes on as soon as I walk through the day after work! x

  2. Melina Elisa says

    I still haven’t moved out, and while I can’t wait to move out, because I find my house so loud and crowded, I feel like I’ll feel the same as you when I do eventually move out. I’ll probably feel a little off guard by all the silence. Stay strong, like another one of your readers said, I think it’s something you just need to adjust to. Great post Luke xxx

    melina | melinaelisa.com

  3. Madi Dearson says

    First – sending you big virtual hugs and wish this will be behind you asap. I Know how how you feel and remember that so well. I moved to the US to do my MA studies for 2 years. I moved to a place I never visited before and knew absolutely no one there. I spent the whole first night there wide awake and shaking all over. It was the first time I was really really alone. The next morning I woke up and made it my mission to make friends so I would feel more grounded. I also went shopping and bought stuff that made my place feel more homey, and painted some art for my walls. It took a while to feel like I was at the right place for me but once I did it ended up being one of the best periods in y life.I am sure in a couple of weeks you will end up waiting to go to your home – while visiting others, and it will be the place you will feel most at peace in.

    • Lukeheywoodstyle says

      Thank you lovely.
      Wow that is a very big step, I feel silly for even comparing it to yours,
      I hope I get through these feelings tbf.
      It’s just so hard.
      *Big hugs*

      • Madi Dearson says

        feeling are never silly, they are what they are:)
        And I took that step when I was needing a BIG life change and to shake up everything so it fit me at the time:) and I forgot to write before – HEYYYY you live in London – one out of my two most favorite cities in the world. you are I am SO jealous!

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