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  1. Madi Dearson says

    Wow you were quick!! I LOVE your answers – I can not believe you share my obsession with Dua Lipa, I swear she is playing at my house right this second and my 5 year old girl is humming along to “New rules” – I keep telling anyone who would listen that they have to hear her “Do I want to know” cover.
    Alice is such a fantastic answer! Enjoyed everything about your post really.

    • Lukeheywoodstyle says

      I’m currently at home on in my oneise sat in front of my computer! aha
      Oh my god I’ve loved Dua Lipa since god the first time I heard about her about 3 years ago! She’s just perfect in every way!
      I deffo see myself as a male Alice.
      Thank you for nominating me, it means a lot ♥

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